Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicken Cabbage Dumpling, AKA Chinese Ravioli

I made some very basic & easy dumplings for next week breakfast.

Did you realise most "wo-tiah" or "sui-jiao" ( pan fried or boiled) dumplings in KK are filled with dark colour meat, which is quite flavourful, with lots of minced onion and Tung coi especially for Shan Tung style dumpling! Of cuz I like them, I m not complaining.
However When I had my dumplings in Brisbane, they were filled with cabbages! and were not bathed in "dark soya", but well-seasoned. My fren's aunty also made dumpling with lots of cabbages!
Well, I think when we eat dumpling, it should balance with lots of vege (fiber)considering pounds of meat and carbohydrate counts here ( the skin) !

Ingredients (makes 50)
120 g Cabbage
250g Chicken fillet (minced)
20g ginger ( minced)
1 bunch of green shallot

(I used soup tablespoon to measure)
1 T sesame oil
3T cooking oil
1 T light soya
1 T oyster sauce

1. cut the cabbage and green shallot into tiny pieces
2. minced the meat with cleaver ( not too fine) dont use blender, it gives different texture. Use cleaver to chop on board! haha
3. Mix everything in a big bowl, marinate for 30 minutes in fridge.
4. put 1 teaspoon of meat in the center of the dumpling skin ( I bought my skin from Recipe House, Damai) , wet the half edge of the skin with water, and close it firmly. Frozen them!

Mixture of vege, meat and seasonings.

I like the bites of ginger, so I slice it thinly, julienne it, and dice it !

Simply boil it with pot of hot water, until all dumpling floating on top. That's the sign of cooked. I like how the 'crunchiness' of the cabbage when I eat it.


Anonymous said...

kylie: nice ;)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

kylie: lols! burp ~

ganache-ganache said...

Wei, I notice u didn't add salt to the cabbage to drain the moisture from it, won't your filling be too wet ? I made mine with loads of cabbage too, organic & organic pork too, haha. I usually divide the filling into 2 portions, one portion I'll add some chives (jiu cai), then the other portion chinese celery & prawn, u try next time :)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

G2: err, add salt to drain the vege moisture?? if you're asking if my filling too wet, hey, that's what I want lah!! i mean I want my fillings after cooked is still bit wet like got soup inside! lols!! and not kering. ok I must try the one with chinese celery & prawns, sounds good!!

Cindy Khor said...

i'm going to try this, it looks nice, but can i omit the ginger? i know the ginger is good in this case to omit the "wind" of the cabbage but i really dislike the taste

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