Sunday, March 29, 2009

School Bazaar, KIS

It was a great experience to visit the Kinabalu International School Bazaar on 28 Mar 09!

" Which one is nice ? "
I asked that Qn to the 4 young girls , and... I only remember the four children pointing at the samne chocolate muffins + CJ told me the cookies are good too!

After I paid, the little sweet english girl says " This chocolate muffins are really good" with her thumbs up!
hahaha, look at them! they're so cute !
and I guess the kids never tell lies, the choco M are excellent ! very soft & moist *wink*

Other than that, The burgers are good! good at value too ;D and I love the lagsane! I even asked if I can ask for take-away (with pvc container)! ha ha, the lady reluctantly says "OKAY, but not environmental friendly though".
I had two big slices of that! haha, I like it so much and u wont feel greasy-oily-puke-feeling after a slice! that's because they only layer the cheese on the most top of the pasta! ( ha! I learnt the tips now) as compared to the usual u eat in the restaurant, after the 3rd serving, u feel "errrr" stop.
and they used mince beef,tomatoes,mushroom, carrots! erm! I must make this one day.

Well, the bazaar sells lots of 2nd hand books & hand made jewellery! I bought one from a Korean Lady. very prettyee ;p

L, did you see the 2 kids on Tarzan custome ? haha, I forgot to take they pic, so beautiful ! ha ha


ganache-ganache said...

hey, why no pics of the choc muffins ah ??? haha, u r right, the burgers were so good, I tried them both, the food cheap rite, considering that they came from 5 star hotels !!! U knw I had a cup of Illy coffee at only RM 3 !!!!!!!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

G : haha! muffins too good to take pic! All in stomach ;p ya ya ya, the Le Meridien having a good deal too! ha ha , when I look at their chalkboard, i was like Illy Coffee at RM3 only O!!!! but so hot la tat afternoon b4 rain, so no coffee lah, hey some Korean Aunties are very pretty oh ! ha ha ha

ganache-ganache said...

Those are not aunties ok, they are tai tai, hahaha !!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

G: ya ya ya, U're rite, rich Tai Tai ! ;p

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