Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wedding Trick or Treat?

" Trick or Treat Ang Pao ? " shouted the bridesmaid
I think this is a must game for nowadays wedding couple. The bride's side so-called sisterss will fool the groom's buddies before the groom able to meet his prettiest wife on the wedding day!

We, the bridesmaid, normally would demand for Ang Pao (red packet filled with lots of money, given by the groom)... as a under-table-money kind of treat. so Once we sisters (bridesmaid) received the Ang pao, we will allow the groom to see his princess! (anyways, there'a always a thing called "Gate-Crashed"!!!! like this case.

(OUCH! It's Pain!) - Ha, this is the punishment from not getting the right answer !
Haha, Tun - The Groom , was being thrown with lots of Questions, if you got it wrong, we have to clip his ears and pull from far. It's really painful though.

This is the most hilarious game. The Groomsmen has no choice but to help Tun for this time. Fruits are tide up with string along the men's waist, they have to swing it, and the one knee down has to catch the fruit and bite it!

Tun created a Poem for Christine.

" Christine likes to eat Potato Chips, Because it is cheap.
Tun would like to bring her to Egypt, However it is not cheap"
(This Tun arh! so money-minded! hahahhahah)
Finally, he is allowed to meet the princess...


Creamster said...

wahaha .. that is fun!

And ... from your 2nd photo, I can see Tzen was the one clipping Tun the most. Pity Tun, kena torture by a group of cruel bridesmaids.

hongyi said...

oh my GAWSH that looks sooo wrong! u guys mustve laughed so hard n had a gd time.

btw, i think i saw u in likas sq hving lunch the other day. wasnt sure whether it was u or not, so didnt go up!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

cream: HAHA HA! dai kui sei !

hongyi: If U see I'm with a 'picnic basket', then that's me! hahaha anyways, must meet ..must meet up

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