Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Kylie!

[This should be a post on 26th dec......]

The mom has been preparing her birthday's [cake] for more than 2 months! She was cracking her head, who can make the [cake] for her only lovely dot's 21-burp-day! After The mom seen my Boopie cake... She decided to let my dearest Lorrine handle the [cake] !

The little bunny is so sweet!

The little paw is so delicate & cute!!

The [cake] came with lots of love & cares and brought us lots of laughs , funs & happiness!
The [cake] came with lots of brilliant ideas and great effots from both L & D . The alphabets crafting! That was so beautifully done ! The oval shaped eggs! If I'm the one who roll it, probably really as round as I! I still can't roll out an oval shape! The Bunny, What's more? Everyone can tell that's the star on the cake! Everything are so neatly, nicely sitting there. I love this cake. Someone so-love-the-[cake] until no one are allowed to eat it! hahahahhaha! until The mom quickly rushed to SR and get a Banana Chocolate cake! for the sake of "cake-cutting" ceremony........ see! we save the life of little-bunny!

my mom asked.....if the cake is made of Azuki Bean paste! (OMG)... I feel so...AH!!!!!!! It's Rich Chocolate cake! and, It's still moist on the 5th day (For you all info, the cake only cut on the 5th day...finally, allowed by someone)! hahahaha

That's the last-minute cake ! hahaha

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*Kylie* said...

<3 u :)

Jenii said...

WAAAAAA! What a super darling cake!! Lorrine did a fantastic job!! The cake looks delicious inside :D Happy 21st to Kylie :D

Eunice said...

what a cute cake!! lovely job! did you layer with marzipan? cos it looks perfect! especially the cake inside it ;)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

kylie: hA! Shall we wait for our next MOO MOO ? Lolz

Jenii: haha! yes, Tat was a lovely cake! Lorrine really did a good job!

Eunice: Yes a lovely cake. I shall get Lorrine to answer the question whether did She layer with marzipan! She's the baker ;)

ganache-ganache said...

Eunice : No, I did not use marzipan,2 layers of fondant have been used. - Lorrine

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