Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spreading some Meme Love

Argh! I'm tagged! something that I Love and Abhor! Thanks to Billy @ A Table for Two . Bill! I like your Banana idea! pls allow me stealing ur idea, and I get my Kiwi here! :P

"6 Random things about myself" ...( R u ready?)

1. I am a straight-forward person. I don't give a damn to people that I totally pissed off with! i.e. no talk no contact from me. I can be the sweetest person too. (depends)

2. I like round shapes than others. HA! That could also explain why I like egg. and my principle is the rounder the better! No diets!

3. I used to have problems with 'swallowing' pills/tablets. I remember my dad & mum, dad grab my hands , mum forcefully open my mouth and drop pills in my throat and drown me with water! (cry!) .. another method is, cut the banana into cubes, sip the pill (especially flu tablets / panadols ) in the banana, and I swallow the whole chunk of banana! that's really how I 'ate' my sick pills! I really had bad times with that! Didn't know until when I can steadily taking all pills with water already! ;)

4. I am the daring type that Going-after guys tt I like! :) my frens will know that! HA HA HA! I believe that 'Xin-fu' is grab by your hands one! ( means U grab your own opportunity, ur happpiness!)

5. I don't eat dim sum that make with pork! I will spill out! (means, I only eat halal dim sum ) Plus I dont eat chicken drumstick , the most yuck-i-ness part of the chicken for me! because of the chicken smell + the flesh is too silky smooth ( errrkk..)

6. I am a lingerie fetish. :D I am still collecting that! ( lately no more posts on tat is bcuz I slowly turn this to solely food blog only :)

kiwi with kiwi flavoured yogurt from nestle . yum! good night!


billy@atablefortwo said...

nice one Denise, melons and lengerie? lol perfect match. By the way, you supposed to spread the love and also tagged 6 other bloggers.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Bill, yeah I know, but I dont want the other 6 to hate me! hahahha ;p so it's ok ;)

zurin said...

ok I know u better now! Ur funny! one of my daughters loves lingerie too. Bought some for her in US from Victoria secret . it almost sent me bankrupt!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Zurin: Victoria's Secret! ARGH!!! I almost almost want to purchase those ONLINE! Everytime when come to "confirm" purchase with creditcard, I need to think twice & hold on. I LOVEEE VS! very prettie! Very lacey :D

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