Monday, November 24, 2008

Shanghai Vegetable Rice

This is another fairly easy 1-pot-dish to cook ! Follow the steps, stay close to the tips given by the author, then here you go.
Yes, I believe Tips are very important. They are sort of hints-to-success too ! hahaha (Crap denise!)
Whatever it is, this is very Hou-Sek (Yummy) . my sis had 2 bowls, my rebellious sis remember?! hahaha, and I had 1 big bowl ( not the bowl in the picture, but bigger)

Recipe: Terri's Shanghai Vegetable Rice
[note: Terri! I din't go back read your comment, and used Chinese cabbage! hahahhaha, er, next time, I changed my vege to the very dark green leaves n white stems]
I used 1 tin Swanson Chicken Stock..
I cooked 1.5 cup rice
I fried the rice on wok before transfer to rice cooker. Initially I didnt want to fry my rice, as thought it could be oily. However After I fried the vege, there's no oil in the wok! so, why not just give a try , to fry the uncooked rice, until the water from the washing rice almost dry up, off fire, and transfer to cooker.

Then U pour the chicken stock, as well as the gravy from the fried vege. It's brown colour. No I din't use soya sauce / oyster. It was from the burnt sausage on the wok surface, which I continued fry my garlic and vege after I pan-fried the sausage.

Once the rice is almost finished cooking / bubbling (about 10 minutes later).. spread the vege and chinese sausage on top. ( I forgot to sprinkle some salts on the rice) but the taste is just right! I slightly cooked my vege with bit more salt... and also the sausage is very tasty.. so I think it's okay not to sprinkle addtional flavour on the rice .

I came across with another close-to-this-version 's recipe.

That is "Kai Lan Chinese Sausage Rice"
All you need is Kai lan, Chinese sausage and some soya marinated chicken pieces. and it's all cook in the rice cooker! I will try this! Let see how it goes

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