Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Potatoes

When mum cooks her Fan Shu (Sweet Potato) in a pot of water..
me: ha??? why u cook ur fan shu with so much water?
mum: u R really fan shu!! (means u're dumb in chinese) cook fan shu also dunno

I wasn't sure why I ask mom that Qn that night. Now I recall! because we always 'steam' our fresh corn and been many nights mum steaming her corns and suddenly that night she cooked sweet potatoes! that's why! I assume she did it the same way to her potatoes! (lolz)

yeah, mom boiled them in a water for..err.. ( dunno how long), then when they turned soft, mom will throw all the water away, and let the potatoes sit in the pot and turn on fire to 'dry' the potatoes for 30 seconds.

and, if u realise, mum used 'rice cooker' to boil her potatoes on the stove! when I'm took this pic , she was emphasizing, later ur frens will start laughing at u, that u use rice cooker for boiling fan shu! u must explain to them this is an un-used old rice cooker.

This is a yellow flesh potato! Quite starchy. I was told by someone, the more 'starchy' the potato is, the more 'wind/gas' ur stomach creates.

I still remember the older days, we bbq our sweet potato during winter times in Bris! we fork the potatoes with many holes , wrap them in aluminium paper, and grill them! very yummy! The taste are so much better them u boil them.


Creamster said...

and ... and ... and

This sweet potato does remind you of my bruise rite?


Precious Pea said...

I love to dump sweet potatoes into the charcoal when I BBQ too! Mmmm..yumz! My mum said that was her staple during the war time and my reply was 'How lucky!". Lucky no slap on my face. Haha!

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