Friday, October 17, 2008

Stir Fried Sabah Vege (Sayur Manis)

Just in case if you r wonder what Sabah Vegetable is .. Click on to Terri's page (Sayur Manis)

This is my first time fried “Sabah Vege” (local language: Sayur manis), means when it's cooked, it has tint of sweetness! . There are some ‘vegetable’ that I never cooked before, such as:

(a) sabah vege(today the 1st time) : Dad very particular with Sabah Vege. He always requested for Sabah vege with tin of good quality corn beef. And mum must cook it personally (in fact most of the time mum in charge of cooking!), and always, this dish come out very yummy! So I never had the chance to learn fried sabah vege.

(b) pumpkin : I never cook pumpkin before! Not even to just simply boil it! Because I never like pumpkin, Not until lately, I tasted a sweet soup (Tong Sui) at Damai, she boiled Pumpkin with unshelled green beans! Excellent!!! I fall in love with pumpkin from that. I started to eat pumpkin from tat day! ( I mean pumpkin sweet soup… lately I been eating quite a lot of pumpkin sweet soup..and I realize I m quite ‘yellowsih’ now… I mean my skin colour!

SO back to sabah vege. I used to fry green vegetable...and I realised , not easy to fry a good plate of sabah vege , and today mum was not free with cooking sabah vege + egg! , she get me to cook that!

I never know, Sabah vege needs “A LOAD OF” cooking oil to fry! I already put 5 Tablespoons (soup type tablespoon) of oil! And still! my vege very ‘rough’ & dry when u eat it, and just not smooth-ly nice like u eat from the restaurant!

Plus to add-on egg on this sabah vege also another panicky thing!!!!! Due to close to no oil on the wok, my eggs were stick on the wok and it’s burnt on the surface! (if u notice from the picture).

Terrible experience!!! Nevermind… there’s always the first time ( ARGH! What a bad excuse)

[ my experience ]

I Heat up the wok with 5 T of cooking oil,

Fry the ginger & garlic until fragnant,

Throw in the vege ( ha! “Splash—blash” !! this is the sound that I always like to hear whenever I stir fry vegetables. U only get tt from a high heat work )and I quickly stir fry with the ‘wok-chahn’ . I was told by a hotel chef that, we household can’t get much wok hei from stir fry , mainly is because of our wok stoves. We have many types of stoves, like “mui-Fah-lou, foh-kim-lou , etc” However I read another article from USA ( my memory always fail me! I couldnt remember which artiicle ,either RasaMalaysia or another lady work together with RasaMalaysia) another tips to get good wok hei from home is (especially fry rice), when u stir fry, do not keep flip and fold the food on the wok, let it stand & stay a while, so the food will have sufficient time to absorb the heat from the Wok before u flip again.

Then mum said I must Cover the wok with lid for 30 seconds (so to get rid of the greeny smelt from the vege).

Open the lid , I pour ½ cup of stock (cuz I see my vege very dried!!)

Then Crack in 2 egg whites on the vege, and stir a bit ( this is the part I do not know how to do.. so u see my vege like scramble egg with sayur manis)

So anyone out there has any good tips on stir fry good sabah vege with egg?

After I fried this, mum says:

mum: Ah Tng!!! Nei chao sue-jai-choi mm dim lah! Dai Bai Ngo Chao Sui-jai-choi, nei hok! (Next time I cook u watch and learn)


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hoe chee ng (!) choh ah.

ClarityDefinesYou said...

ya next time your mom cooks u watch then you learn then you will know :) right chicky egg?? :) but u know...i love sayur manis just the way u cooked it with eggs...sedapppp tuh and for me i like ada soup sikit :))Haiyohh!! bilalah can makan this sayur manis this :((

Amylya said...

i luv sayur manis too...yummy!
oh the pumpkin sweet soup-tong sui, i luv it, too.
Chickyegg, why not you bake a pumpkin cake?

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

terri : "Tak koh yong jekh"..

CIL: Wait until BEN comes back! then we eat together-gether! LOlz (hugs.. i miss u lar cil....)

Amy: ee!!! pumpkin cake? to eat pumpkin tong sui already very 'brave' loH!! cake wah

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