Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bovril Pasta

This is the Kon-Low-Men (Chinese noodle in thick soya sauce)in west. Bovril Pasta ! A quick meal to have! Good for my supper or Lunch or Breakfast…ha! My breakfast!! I always has limited time to prepare breakfast and yet I need some full meal! (wink)

Thanks to Ming Ming ‘s great recipe! He is a good cook I must say. A boy can make good fried rice with ‘wok’ breath. (it smells good when I was in the living room, T, remember? I was quite amazed the one who ‘wok’ out was him!!!) last but not least, the younger brother, my favourite Korean boy! He can make pasta from scratch and cook to the best ! These talents were well-inherited from the mom! Rite T ?

Ok back to my Bovril! So..
When I finished mixing the sauce, it looked so appetizing for me! Like the usual kon lao men u had in the kopitiam, especially from those sang yuk men stalls !

MM’s tip is essential here. Must drain well & make sure the pasta is hot. So quickly mix in the butter & Bovril. My colander wasn’t that good or I didn’t drain that dry, so after I mixed, has bit of watery sauce at the bottom. (Well, I m not complaining..(I don’t mind in fact) but just to let you all know what will happen if you don’t drain ur pasta well..)

When I m finished preparing my mee, mum just finished making her chun-gen (pork with omelet) soup! So I eat my pasta with mum’s chun-gen soup! Seriously feel like eating kon-lao-men at a stall!

Ingredients (f0r 1 person)
10 g soft unsalted butter
1 teaspoon Bovril ( this is really to ur liking. Depends on how flavourful u want ur noodle to be)
pasta (preferably bucatini as per MM).. I dont have, so I used spaghetti.

1. Cook the pasta in salt water

2. drain well. (important)

3. drop the butter & bovril in a bowl, throw in ur pasta, and mix well quick!

4. served hot.

Did I forget to tell u how good was this meal? ;D

If you've watched Kung Fu Panda movie before.. Po (the fat panda) trying to straps himself to a chair with fireworks and shoots himself into the air.

so this creamy panda was trying to fly into my kitchen and peek at my noodle! :P I quickly snap a shot before she fall down.

(note: This is a wooden mini paperclip dr lo gave to me all the way from Japan!!! and it looks like u la creamy!)


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Hey that's so amazing!!!! I wanna try it one day :P

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Agnes: haha! U must, not bad u know

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what do u mean not bad. i thot u said was very good?!

Amanda said...

I wonder if this works with Marmite... it looks yummy.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

T : "cheeky" U!!!

Amanda: I m quite sure it works the same for marmite. try it!! :)

Creamster said...

I'm much much cuter than this panda clip. =P

The panda clip is so cute, I've in fact 'print screen' & cropped this particular blog of yours into my blog ... check it out!

lolz ...

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so awesome unique pasta dish! surely I am one fan of this pasta!

Ekh said...

Nice ka this? I want to try la later.

L. Vella said...

May I suggest adding a beaten egg and grated parmesan cheese. Its great.

So the receip would be:

One Beaten egg added/mixed to the above in the serving plate.
Top with grated Parmesan Cheese

Anonymous said...

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