Friday, October 10, 2008

5:45pm in the evening...

That little evil boy is always mistakenly known by ppl as my son, or my dad's grandchild! "ROAR"! He is my uncle's only gold in the house. He is Seng Seng boy. A boy that either u love or u abhor.

My dad, My dad gave me a fabulous rare name that no one in this world will have it, unless it's an error. He proudly structure my middle name as "kok Tng'. TNG !!!!!!! With this name, I have to answer my teachers for the past 12 years in my school! Why my name was spell incorrectly? It is not okay! that is my name! until this hard-headed teacher get me to show her my birth-cert! ! and most teachers cannot pronounce my name too! They always stuck with my 3rd name. Dad says if I put "tIng"...sounds" ding ding ding"... and dad is a cantonese.. so 'ting' in cantonese pronounciation should be "TNG" (according to is theory)... so for him to pronounce Tng in cantonese, he taken out the 'i' and leave the 3 alphabets stand.
until now, I m still thinking, may be he didnt realise we have '" e'" here!" Teng" also can maarrrr...... (speechless...)

He has 3 daughters in the house. me the 1st princess! he always has this dream that the 3 dots of him can become a well-known accountant one day! too bad, the first two has destroyed his dream! (lolz) now the only last, whom in form 3, knowing her, I think she wont fulfill dad's dream neither. Dad always think that I'm a quiet lady in the office. he always complain I dont do much talking! (dad is under-estimating me...) I'm probably the most-loud person in the office. I talk more than I work! ahhahahhaha ;p~
and...mum starts worrying about me, because I m 28 soon in December! and I'm not married yet to her. Everytime when she starts looking into Feng shui book on my relationship luck, I will tell her straight to her face that, I will only married by 40. and she will roll her eyes at me, and dad starts laughing at the corner.
It's 5:45 pm.. I am shooting mom' flowers outside the house, while dad quickly said Ah Tng, take a picture of us.
so here it goes... little nasty & my dad.

Edited: come to think again, TNG well described me The Naughty Girl !!!


Creamster said...

hahaha ... thanks to your dad for giving u so much troubles in explaining your name to all the teachers. To be frank, I used to spell your name wrongly too back in school time, it's just so unusual!

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Cute little boy!!! :D Seeing his face can tell he is up for something naughty again! :P

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

creamy: ya lah!! I know tu! that time, those that can write my name correctly, were actually impressed me! HAHA

Agnes: he is always that naughty look! tao yen ta!

CrazieSexaCool said...

hmm.. so where's ur flower photos?? :-? hahahaha

zurin said...

i'm confused ! are u married or not? :)In another post u mentioned ur FIL (meaning father in law right?)anyway dont frighten ur mom by saying u'll get married at 40 ok. Ur Poor mom. :D I'm a mother myself and my daughter says she's nt going to get married or very late.mayb 40 too like u!!:O anyway I like ur blog..very funny and cute ...thnx for putting me on ur blog roll. All my children were born in KK. I was there 4 16 years . My hubby's a sabahan. Love sabah

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

zurin : ahahahha, I am still Single !! u know why i mentioned 40s, bcuz my mum yang pressured me! that's why ! hahaha, wwow how old is ur daughter? 16 ? haha
by the way, where R u now? I bet u must have missed KK

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