Saturday, July 12, 2008

yummy Durian swiss roll

" Very Delicious" , that's the message I told Lorrine after I wolf down the rolls. ! ;D

When I took this roll with me in the car, mum was like, '' smell good ooo" ( yes, knowing mum love durian too).

This is a very creamy dreamy durian roll. Cut it right after u take it out from the fridge! very-vry nice. The durian flesh r well blended!! ( may be mine is flesh outweight the cream) *Lolz* I love it really! I can't stop myself from continu-ing cutting the next slice! argH! this is very hard to resist though!! Luckily I have some relatives to share with me!

Secondly, the texture of the cake (sponge cake) is what I'm expected!!! not floury-cake. but... err.. ahhah, how to describe ar Lorrine? eee... u all order & try la, then will get what I mean here.

Please visit Lorrine at the Ganache-Ganache. She has lots of good cakes out there!
ops, did I say I order this home-made Durian Swiss roll from Lorrine the Ganache-Ganache?

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