Friday, July 4, 2008

Oyster Sauce Chicken Wing

Hou Yaw Gai Yik. Oyster Sauce Chicken Wing, is always, always my favourite. Especially those served at Ang's Hotel restaurant, KK. Back to old days, mum cooked her oyster sauce chicken wing by simply pan fried the wings, and simmer it with the sauce. Slowly she changed hers to Ang's Hotel version. Deep fried the wings, side aside, cook the sauce, and toss together.

Mum marinates the 10 wings with some light soya sauce + coated with some cornflour. (for at least 2 hours)

Make sure the cooking oil is a lot (to cover the wings) and it's boiling hot. Throw in all the wings, and reduce the fire. Slowly fry it, until it's golden brown. Dish up and drain the wings.

Diced 2 cloves of garlic and sliced 1 small piece of ginger. Prepare the sauce in a bowl with 1 big T of oyster sauce, 1 t of dark soya, 1/4 t of sugar, 1/4 t of honey , 1 t of corn flour and 3 T of water (or to adjust accordingly) Mix well.

Heat up the wok with 2 t of oil, fry the garlic & ginger until fragant, then pour in the sauce, cook a while, then mix in all the wings to toss well, off fire & served well.

I'm totally enlighten-up IF mum cooks this. I'm totally TURN OFF + GROUCHY if she cooks stewed pork belly.

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