Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fisherman Village, Sandakan

This is awesome ! My 1st time to visit a well-renowned place at Sandakan,
"Yue-Suen-Gai" (Fisherman village) . Parents always tell me how superb the soup was, how fresh the seafood they served...etc (/ah)

"Tasting" is believing ! A good high-choresterol soup! :D with lots of seafood, that I'm supposed they caught it just next to their kitchen!

Sandakan has a number of home-style cookings that served right in their ' house ' . Walking through a kampung wooden houses that built on top of water.

see, this is their house, right at the seafront. Nice view. They turned their balcony into seating area for customers.

Kitchen, busy with the family members.

This reminds me of how I dry my undies too! :D~

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*Kylie* said...

ahhhh the curry yue dans!!!!! ><

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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