Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fridge - Cleaning

Today mum went up to her hometown - Papar. Dad went out to work.
HA! Parents not in the house. (sounds like Home Alone )
Fridge, spring-cleaning time. Our fridges need to clean (detox) every week ,I should say! Too much of junks in the cold box. No one even notice they actually bought this, but never used that before! And worse is, it has gone to expiry. This same goes to freezer. So many frozen meat tat u can tell from plastic that it has stored for more than a month! I THROW IT!

A lot of half-used things , like cheese, sauces , all gone bad, Apple cut half, left another half in the fridge for dunno how many weeks, rotten now! Vegetables! Dunno in my fridge for how long, turned into like…, u can’t even can recognize that it WAS a vegetable! and here u go, all gone bad. THROW!

Chinese herbs! Omg.. so many packs of red-dates that have opened, but its like used a bit, then ha, see another good red-dates in the market, too cheap or too fresh? Can’t resist buying another pack and store in the fridge. But never realize there are still many un-finished dates in the fridge! So today I have thrown 3 packets of red-dates!!!!!!! (Bcuz they all dried up in the fridge, and shrunk.)

Unfinished rice. /ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are 3-4 bags of unfinished cooked-rice in my fridge!!!!!!! I know, mum usually packs the leftover rice after dinner into a plastic bag. Then put into fridge. I know she wanted to dry the rice under the sun on the next day… but, she always forgotten that! And that is why, there are so many bags in the fridge, which I “dig’ them from the very “inside” of the fridge! CAN U IMAGINE? So many unwanted food in the fridge???????

That is why the rubbish big so huge! And funniest thing is, it’s 10.4kG! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…………………………………………..
And those rubbish are only from 1 fridge. My house has 3 fridges. I don’t even want to think of it.


Anonymous said...

walao... Too many unfinished "Stuff" from our fridges... Tu lah who always eat half eaten apples, always can't finish it for another day

-Ah Yung-

Anonymous said...

"An apple a day, keep doctors away,
Two apples a day, keep doctors far away,
Three apples a day, keep doctors far far away,
Four apples a day, keep doctors disappear!"

-Creamster World

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