Monday, June 9, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival 2008

Happy Rice Dumpling Day.
20 years ago, when my aunt still staying with us (now she moved out after married), she used to make “guo zhong” (rice dumpling) in our house. So she will prepare all her ingredients on our long-rectangle dining table. Leaves, strings, uncooked rice, bowls of braised meats, golden colour yolks, etc plus the Wok is steaming in the kitchen.
Then she will start wrapping her rice. And me, the little 8 of me, sitting next to the table, seeing how she wraps, helping her to swoosh away the flies! *AH* I missed that moment. She is also the one who loves to make yam kueh, steamed tapocia cake, etc. HA! She makes good yam-pork too! Ha! If she is still staying with us, I think probably I m the next-kin who has all her heirloom recipes! *wink*

I can't find a good rice-dumpling nowadays. All the dumplings that I ate, so boring. Sticky rice, meat, chunks of meats that could choke u to death, 1/8 yolks, dried chestnut, mushroom, shrimps, beans, Blah, u name it lah.

I missed a good peanut rice dumpling! mini triangle shape, pearly white glutinous rice with a very fragnant minced peanuts as the filling.

Today at Gaya street, one of the political parties, organised a small booth, giving free lesson on how to wrap a rice dumpling. Argh, I wanted to go, but too bad, I didn’t bring my camera. Quite interesting though.

I think this festive is meant for another family gathering, also, an excuse to eat more meats. *lolz* yes, more meats, hardly find greens on table!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i can't believe u complain about the chunks of meat in ur zhongzi--tt's what we all dig for, esp wey, who likes the meat with lotsa fat. these days the zhong meat is so small they mince them! have u ever eaten the zhongs from tt stall round the corner frm Kinamount? i bought some last yr and the rice wasn't cooked n the taste was blah too.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

terri: :D~e, few weeks ago dad bought some zhongs from Sdk, and it's meats more than rice! can u imagine? I should have given tat to wey! hahaha!
YA I know the stall u mentioned, along the road kan?? ya, not nice at all. Dad bought frm them last year, and now, they're BAN by us!

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