Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Sacrifice

I have a trainer with me for 1.3 yrs ! he trains me to work fast, to work within 5 minutes. He trains my stamina everyday! everyminute, everysecond !
Every minute, every seconds, I feel like Box him to the floor. ( That was what I intended to do a year ago). Now I have trained to stay cool a bit.
I stay cool, until I almost burst into tears, but I hold back. I can't tell my trainer I can't hold it. I must continue to endure his trainings.
I been rejecting 3 good offers lately (including having food business with frens!). That's because I'm still undertrained.
Labour Day.
Trainer ever said before Labour day is everyone's holiday, no one should be working! However! I think i'm a coolie, not labour! that's why I still have to work tomolo.
I still remember this day of last year I'm working for my trainer too. again this year labour day i'm working TOO! what the. what a sweet sacrifice.

Enuff! 2 years of training should be enough! IF I pass my training exercise, I can Fly like a bird already! True or not WJN?!


craziesexacool said...

moi.. for the 1st time.. i'm speechless... well.. NOT! hahaha

but it's just dat.. ok.. i can only say.. Been there! Done that!


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Dap: wow! what a QUick one ! hahaha

Kismet said...

ya ya....i know exactly hows the situation...we in the same boat...

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