Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Shortie Wears Heel

148cm + 8 cm = 156cm
Hey! Did I get myself wrong? I'm 156cm now! (laughsx100)
I love high-thin-heels , basically is to "heighten" myself ! plus my fat legs will look 0.1% longer, leaner + more feminime look ! hahahaha . Cut it short,basically is to hope I look "Tall" & "Thinner" on legs, which I think 99% quite not possible, considering I'm having a Hippo legs.


Creamster said...

Don't lie to yourself lar, shortie is shortie ... accept the fact lar!

Ann said...

dont fall ah....

Anonymous said...

cream monster : SHUT UP. ;p~

Ann : *Lolz* Remind me of ur Tall heel dulu dulu, ingat? haha


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