Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baked Eggplant

I wanted to make " Moussaka" , looking at the additional sauce that the dish required (butter+flour+milk+cheese+egg), Arghhh... better not. Simply Baked Eggplant with pasta sauce will do.
Left over pasta sauce
1 eggplant , sliced
1 cup mozarella cheese.( I used cheddar, and I found it's a bit salty)
1. Sliced the eggplant, soaked in a salted water (to prevent brownish).
2. Drained the eggplant, and make sure it's dry , using kitchen paper to soak it.
3. Heat a pan, lightly oil, pan fried each sliced until golden brown.
4. Prepare a baking dish ..put the following into it.
eggplant - sauce - cheese (repeat it few times)
5. Bake at 180C, for 10 ~ 12 minutes.

(Argh I hate! My cheddar cheese looks like french-fries here! haha) that's all because I m so lazy to grate the cheese, I just cut it into sticks!


*Kylie* said...

gona try this when free xD

ekeng said...

gonna eat this when i free..hahaha :)

Creamster said...

Hey, how come u still can bake when u r very sick? But you can't go dinner with me ... :(

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

kylie: haha, dont eat too much of "Aii-Gua" .. like GongGong says, " tat one must be eating too much of Aii-Gua until so short !" u recall tat jokes?

ekeng: haha, u day day seafood, no need eggplant la

Cream-monster: I was still ok on Sunday u know, then sun nite eat too heaty stuff again, until next day collapse ;p
u dont worrie, i will date u out together with lalat intention is to meet lalat, not U ;p

*Kylie* said...

LOL i rmb!!! xD

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