Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heavenly Heaven Chocolate

" Just when you thought you'd never find true love..." heaven,Nestle

It's 12:32 midnite now, and I'm still awake. Most of my friends wud say" Wow, is that YOU denise? " Knowing me , normally I sleep at 8 / 8:30pm the latest.
Today I went out for drink to meet up with my old-friends from Brissy.
10:30pm, We ate (seriously-extremely-hugely guilty now) 1. Roti Kahwin (bread with Kaya&butter) 2. BBQ Chicken wings . After that we proceeded to her house to taste 3. her mum's [ poon-choi ] - mixture of left-over dishes and cooked with perserved mustard & asam ! & 4. Fried Glutinous rice with dried shrimp at 11:00 pm !!
my godness ! hahaahahhahahha.... I feel my stomach has fatten by 2-inch. I feel guilty! but, I'm feel happy ! I seldom go out seriously( besides heading to office in the morning & Sat&Sun outing with parents), I'm a Anti-Social Denise ! In-fact, I'm lazy to go out ! Even friends that I missed badly, I still feel lazy to meet them ! That's just a bad of me ; (
I strongly feel that afterwork, if you still want me to hang out at nite for a drink / meet-up , I will be extremely grouchy the next day ! because I have had not enough sleep ! Eventhough on saturdays, I still think I have to "appreciate" my time & stay at home !
But no worries, I m not that down-to-earth yet ! Any F&B outlets, just spell it !I know where's it ! hahahahhahahahha ;p~
Thanks for the Chocolate Sharon, That's sweet of u guys

Hehehhe.... guys! I will share these with you, Don't worry .

yes, I must admit, I'm a bias person, I do play favourites !

ok, 1 am now, I must sleep already, hope the food in my stomach has digested for at least 10% ?

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