Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tofu Bok (Tofu pocket)

Hehe .. mum bought Tou Foo Bok this morning, and she said okay Ah Tng later u stuff the tofu.
and I get my mum to cook these TofuBOk at 4pm!! Telling her that I need to take photos before the Sunset *LOlz* and she says 搞什么鬼 哦 !!! (Hahahahhaha)


a. Add 2 T cooking oil into the Wok. Add in some Red Onions.
b. Drop in all the Tofu pockets ( Meat facing down)... and let it fry a bit until golden brown.
c. Add in 300ml water, cover with Wok Lid & simmer until the water half gone.
d. Prepare 200ml water & 2 Teasp cornflour, 1 T oyster sauce, 1 teasp sugar, 1 teasp dark soya, 1 teasp light soya, some msg ( no need la for home cooking...) stir well.
e. Pour in all the mix ingredients, & put in all the fresh chinese parsley & onion. Serve well.

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ekeng said...

搞什么鬼哦 !!! Buat apa hantu oh !!!
I love Yong Tou Foo Bok..but never cook before..haha :)

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