Friday, January 11, 2008

Sofia Restaurant, Melbourne (Camberwell)

TERRI......... (pls click on her link)

This Blog is for u! hahaah
In answering to your Qn, " so what's the verdict on Sofia?? "

Denise: ah why?
karen: Im so FULL until want to vomit
karen:the food is ok ok la
Karen: not really really nice
Karen: its the quantity, not quality

Pizza A$ 10

Karen: we had The Lot
Karen: the description says everything accept anchovies n pineapple
Karen: but we ask to put both in also
Karen: so its really The Lot
Denise: yeah... scary "LOT"

Ha... the Three-Colour-Pasta A$ 28.50
Hey! When I see the second pic of pasta, where in front of Will & Xue, OH MY GOD! really HUGE PORTION! hahahhahahhah ...scary...

Gelati ( The Biatch got FREE! =p becuz the guy likes Her sister! Hence give her an offer =p) what a deal !& Marz Madness A$ 7.50
... I think I would love the both the Gelati & cake!! Looks GOOD!

Many Thanks to Karen's Photo! hahahah, I'm Blogging on Behalf of Her... and I "FORCED" her to take picture for me too ;p

Overall.. Four (4) of them...A$ 54 bucks


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Wow.. Just look at the 3 combo pasta...

Terri posted about it too ! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for this post!nice pics karen! looking at the food now, i'm drooling ..for the gelati n cake only lah. my friend's sister said the same thing as karen: she ate so much she wanted to vomit!

Vinisha said...

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