Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is very Strange! Monkey & Dog are perfect "Match-in-Hell" according to World of Fengshui. Why! WHy all the guys that I met, whom I can "CLiCK" with are all "DOGS"!!!!!!!!! From young to old ! hahahhaha ( This one Karen & creamy will understand what I meant by YOUNG TO OLD)

I hate lah ! hahaaa, in fact, i found theeese numbers of DOGS are somehow ppl that i like to talk to ! they're very "Cheeky" , "Naughty" & "Rebellious" ! Because of these 3 so-hated character, I liked to talk to them.

I don't know why, I never go for background check when I know them, not until I found myself have some sort of "chemistry" with these bunch of Dogs! hahahha,

Hey! dont get me wrong, I make frens by judging level of Chemistry! I Don't talk to ppl that gimme an impression of CLass A losers! As usual, siince very young, I pick my own group of friends!!!! Annyways, Not saying if you're not born in the year of DOG, I cant make friends with them, but just so coincident!!! ppl that I can chit-chat, are all DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! * Hahaha *

Loooks like these bunch of Real smart Ass DOGS are in fact "lighten" up my life day-by-day leh !!! * LOlz *

p/s : I'm talking about GUYS here....

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Creamster said...

Well, now that I agree monkeys & dogs click. hehehe

I think I should intro 'c' to u, but u wait lar .... he'll be back few months later!

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