Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fratini's , Warisan Square

Heheh.. November Birthday Bash !
Happy Birthday princess cillA

We ahead to Fratini's Restaurant. No one tried this b4! So Here we go.. .

Mix Crostini : It's good. $19.90 ( too ex la...)

Calamari : Good! Crispy & Fresh & Tasty! $17.00 ( ex also)

Meat Lover : Bit Dry $28 , Hawaiina : Taste Ok $23.90, Suprema : Taste Great! $28

Lasagne Di Carne : Yummy , but small portion $20.50

Rigatoni Tuna : BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Among the All!! A must Order DISH! $18.50

Linguine Seafood : So-so only $20.00

A very expensive Meal for seven (7) pax only !

Verdict: Fratini's Vs Little Italy = 2.5 : 5
( Get what i mean ?)

This idiot numbnuts ah! Commented Fratini's is good! When I find out, no wonder la.. he hasn't tried Little Italy before!! Idiot hiM! Anyways, I still think Little Italy is better... hermm.. I missed my Vincent la...............( The Bald Guy in the Little Italy)~ AHhahahaha, Most local ppl will know who I meant here...!


Creamster said...

What is so special about that bald guy? And by the way ... I've got a conclusion here ... All bald guys named Vincent! hahahaha

Denise said...

u know, each time i go L.I, I will wait for him to take our order! hahaha, he is exactly like our IDIOT STINKBALL! this L.I vincent likes to flirt too ! HAhahhahaha...

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