Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gingko Barley Beancurd Sheet Soup

Every House has their own " Fu- Juk " Tong Sui.... and... this is ours! Hahaha.. Rush home after work, start cooking dessert for tonight !! Luckily mum has helped me to open the Gingko nuts...otherwise.... hahahahha... loh meng lo.... peel the skin one-by-one...
I know Paw paw is going to missed this!!! hahahhaha, I know you just cant get Fresh-Gingko-Nuts around! =p~~~
20 Gingko Nuts
5 ~ 4 Tablespoons Barley
1~ 1.5 pack of Dry Beancurd Sheet (Shoak until soft)
Rock Sugar
Quail Eggs / Egg ( This is Optional... however, we used to add-in Quail Eggs...but High Choresterol wor....whatever! )

Boil the Gingko Nuts first for 15 minutesAdd in Barley for another 25 minutesAdd Rock Sugar, and add Boiled Quail Eggs ( if you're using it, then omit step
5.)Add in Beancurd skin for another 15 minutesWhen it's almost ready... crack in 2 eggs and stir gently

Sobs Sobs..... I missed my dessert with QuAil Eggs.....ALTHOUGH I know is not good for health...... * TeArs*
Anyways , we like our Tong Sui which, u still can "eat" the texture of the beancurd skin, We dont like those boil until Soya milk style.... like those served in YEN AI.... I Really dont like those... very Yucks! AHhahahha... what's the difference of drinking Soya milk then? might as well just drop in few Gingko nuts into the soya bean milk! ahhahah a=p~


ekeng said...

fu juk bak go tong sui...i love it..

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