Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dragon's Birthday

Mum's Birthday! U know, every-year mum will celebrate her birthday twice! That is one follow her Identification Card birth-date. Secondly is follow her so-called Chinese Calendar date =p
So yesterday one's was her "Chinese Calendar" Birthday! : D
HAhahahha... everytime Dad will says, you 're the most proud in the family la, celebrating twice one! then mum will hide in a corner & start giggling...

Cocktail fruit cake with Fresh cream from Uncle Biscuit, Damai, at RM 27 only!!

Mum is quite happy with the surprise Cake we brought for home after work. and this notty seng seng boy asked, " Da-Jeh-Jeh, Jin Tian Shi bu Shi buk yung chi fan? "( Sis, is it tonite no need to eat rice? =p hahaha...cuz he hates eating rice as dinner!!! ( Lolz )

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