Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steamed Chicken

I was always inspired By Terri's Great home's cooking! Here, I robbed one of these.. " Steamed Chicken with Ham & Mushrooms "
Thanks to Terri for not charging me copyright possession. * haha *


  1. I added some more white thin mushroom ( I forgot the name)
  2. I replace Chinese Ham with English Ham! * LOlz *... I mean, that's impossible to get "Kam-Wah-Huo-Tui" In Malaysia I think? =p haha
  3. Mum insisted me to steam the Black mushroom with some oil + pinch of Sugar + Drops of light soya before overall cooking. She said more tasty for the mushroom ( whatever..)

Very yummy! hahahahahah =P~

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Terri @ hungerhunger said...

trust it to u to always improvise on my recipe! u know i can tell ur mom can cook bc my MIL always tells me to boil my dried chinese mrooms in soy sauce, oil n sugar.

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