Wednesday, September 19, 2007

" EGG " .... Fetish !

WHO SAID NO BAKING TRAY cannot bake cakes ah =p EGGS Do the JOB!
蛋 万 岁 !!!! AHhahahahhahahah....
I got this idea from Delicious Days
She made an Bicolored Easter Eggs. 复活蛋 !!!

These 2 Aluminium cup + foil hold the Eggs !

Seee... This proved that Eggs would not crack in an 180 degree oven!!!!!! 蛋 万 岁 !!!! 万 岁 万 岁 万 万 岁 !!! AHhahahahhahaha.....I must be crazy... so can u all imagine how safe is the chick being protected in the EGG?

My sis says It would be Fantastic IF I put Melted Chocolate in the middle? LIke Lava flow out of Volcano ? HAhahahhaha =p


Creamster said...

Monster ... you're so creative this time! Well done ...

ekeng said...

so so so unique la..I never see this before.

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