Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crab! Seremban Seafood Restaurant , (opposite 1 Borneo)

We, 4 persons , try out this restaurant, kinda far far away from our house la..hahaha...but it's Worth it!!!! VERY GOOD COoK!!! =p Even a simple fried Vege with Garlic Oredi very yummY!!!! ( which I forgotten to take pic =p )

Part of the menu...

Soup: POrk Rib + Papaya + White Fungus . WOw!!!!! THUMBS UP! VERY GOOD!

Duck. It has a special name, but i cant remember. VERY GOOD ! !

Signature Dish = Ketam Bakar. erm............ picture = 1000 words =p

Sweet & sour Crab. All their crabs are very FAT + the Meat so TENder + FIRM! hahaha =p

Apparently, this is not cheap ( for 4 persons) ... hahahahha...but I m quite satisfied with their food la...


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

i've heard mostly good comments about this place but a close friend of mine said she'll never eat there again bc they charge rm45/kg crabs! hey, i like ur idea of showing d bill at d end of ur res. review, very clever!

ekeng said...

quite expensive..but worth for the big fat crab..yummy

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