Saturday, August 18, 2007


outing with my deArest JaneShIAk...heheheh... 2 of us pig out at Wagamama~~
I m ordered Unagi rice again~ hahaha, I dunno since when I fall in love with Unagi~
WOw! very good! Looks exactly like the menu . ( * Creamy, this is genuine.. no trick.. not like xxxx restaurant, doing gimmick on menu... lure ppl to order... hahah, can you recall which Restaurant i m talking about? )
It's is very delicious la.......... look at the sauce of the's over-flowed la.. ahhahah.... and i finished the whole box of rice! AHhahahaha... dunno why today I m so like " Rice-bucket"
My aunt keep asking me what is " katak fish"! hahahahahhaha... until now we still cant recall the name of this english

OK la, not too bad this one~
This is for Kylie~

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*Kylie* said...

eeeeee my unagi, eeeeee my polar bear, eeee my dogggyy ><

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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