Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Celebration At Hyatt

yipee!!! Happy Birthday to our deArest Juliet... & Thanks for treating us another big feast!!
Hey, i found that this Hyatt ar... like to cater " malay theme" food la.... ermm....

Yo! THis TOm Yum Soup is SOo YuMMY!!

This time... i m very happy with their Sushi... very good!!

Cake-Cutting Session... nah!! our lovely Papa + Juliet~
Here are some of the Corner....
1. I m boring waiting for my food
2. MOnkies like Stripey
3. Out of Boredom...

4. Shots from Merdeka? HHAHhahahha
5. My Face with Cilla.. hey Chris, why U so garang ? HAhaha u waiting for Coffee kah?
6. my collqs
7. GO HOME LO!...Ops, i mean Office ...

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