Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tropical Frizz, Warisan Square

I been passing by this shop ages ago, and never got my attention... NOT UNTIL, they extended their shop to the little corner under the Escalator... with FUll of Strawberries... HAHaa... I even ask the lady where we suppose to sit when we place order! hahaha, she pointed me this SHOP!!! " Yuen Loii Yee Chee.... " hAHhahahahha ( Sounds like the DJ Lam Tak Wing~ HAHah )

very " fruity "

Strawberry Book - The Menu

I only took pages, which fancy me much

Nah... mum's Peach Sundae at $5.90 , very generous in portion !! so many slices of Peaches... and some cuts of Chewy Jelly

NAh~ my LOVE LOVE " Mixed Fruits with Sago in Watermelon Juice" hahahhahha... this should be eaten with my LOVER Lah... deli~ ahhahaha

Everyday I eat 1 apple in the office. and my fren jerom says Nah, soon U will be the SnowWhite! so, i straight away marah him say " U WANT TO POISON ME WITH APPLE IS IT!" ( cuz for me, snow white & apple will gimme an impression of that story..poisoned by the witch) .... but here got another meaning leh...see the menu!! "APPLE = The Secret for Snow White's Beauty ".... deli.. i been eating apples Daily for MONTHS~!! still my complexion & COLOUR OF THE SKIN that bad la... so basically GUYS! dont trust so much of the above,it's just a Marketing GImmicK ~AHhahah haha

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