Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Supertanker, penampang

Happy Birthday To my Dad~!! Dad says it's raining tonight... " ku hon lou" belanja makan! HHAhahahahha...

= dearest boy =

= soup with jelly finz = ! I named it jelly fin bcoz the shark fin taste like jelly!!!

Mix Braised. anyways, i like the meat ball, quite nice

Ying-Yong kailan! hahaha... is actually deep fry chopped kailan ( on top) and boiled one on the bottom.

Mayo Prawn. DUnno why Sandakan ppl like to name it " crystal Prawn"

Braised DUck with Peanuts

Deep Fried Soft-skin Crab ( EEE I hate this!!!! however My dad LOves that!!! deli.......)

CHicken with seafood paste

Ginger Onion Deer Meat

Okay, basically nothing much did entice me to visit them again... so....unless ppl buying me meal there =p

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