Sunday, August 26, 2007

Squid Rice

Went to market in the afternoon, FINALLY! manage to get some Squid. ( Tipsss: MUST GET A SQUID WITH HEAD! ) I only learned that after vincent's story. Anyways, when i buy these 2 squid at RM 6 , i told the uncle to HOLD ON to plastic, i want to take pic first.. * Laughs *.. he was like HA? you want to take pic for your school project is it? Did i hear that? SCHOOL!!!!!! He tot I M still a SchOol KID! HAhahah * LOLz*... oh well.. I m 27 oredi lo... but I m glad he says that! Hahhahah = )

1. Plug off the Head, clean everything.. and also to skin off the squid. WAsh thoroughly.

2. Fried the Rice. I used mum's grain rice.. cut sotong into tiny pieces( from their arms) , half onion, some garlic, oyster sauce, green onion.

3. After the fried rice is done, pour /scoop into the Squid... dont overfill it... and close the opening with a toothpick.

4. Pan fried it ,sprinkle some Salt & pepper, turn the squid, until it's evenly cooked.

Slice it with a Sharp knife... that's my Best Advice.. HAha...SHARP knife =p

See.. fried rice stuffed in.. with onion, pieces of sotong etc.

hehe.. my 2 little sis love it~= )


Creamster said...

wow ... the squid rice look really nice ... feel like biting it... hehehe

Oh BTW, today my new maid said I'm 19 years old! wahahahahahahahaha .........

Denise said...

HAhaha... weird....

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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