Sunday, August 26, 2007

Green Passion Cafe, City Mall

After ORchid Show, we ahead to City Mall! Hungry la.... hahahahha we decided to order some snack food!
Mango Madagascar RM 8.90 ( * A bit too sweet )
Green Tea Ice Latte RM 6.90 ( Aunt Says a bit too sweet as well)
TOmato Pie RM 5.90 ( Although the skin a bit soggy, but the filling is very yummy!!! cut cheese with tomato puree & mushroom.. nice!! )
Tuna Toast Cup RM 6.90 ( very nice!!! the tuna very nice!! they mixed wit a special sauce)

This cafe is worth visiting.. but may be not their sweet drinks? I saw they served very big portion of pasta for the other table... erm...

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