Friday, August 31, 2007

Herbal Tea Egg

The other day, Karen asked, what can she make? nah, I said " Char-Yeah-Dan"! ahhahah.... Then I told her our secret recipe... ( which given by Erina Chin).. I thought It was some how Erina's Home recipe... mana tau the other day I go to Popular Book Store, OMG! really got such recipe one la.... * Lolz *
3 Tablespoon LIght soya
3 Tablespoon Dark Soya
2 Teaspoon 5-Spice Powder
Few Tea Leaves

1. Bring Eggs to boil until cooked. Then Crack the Eggs. ( Pls Crack as Much as possible)
2. Bring to Boil with all the above ingredients, for 45 minutes or more... then simmer for a night? Even better la, so the flavour will be infused. * Tips, Dont use Slow Cooker........* use Pot on stove to boil

The other day I added extra Salt! AHhahahha, ended up quite salty! AHhahahha, my mum said " Why your egg so salty one o..." Ah Tng: Then why you still eat two eggs? =p
Tips: DONT ADD extra Salt, as the longer u boil, the thicker the sauce =p

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