Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pasta Cheese Bake

Heheheh ... I m baking for tomolo's Breakfast!! i got this recipe from internet. www.taste.com.au
SUper easy! pasta + cheese + sauce + Chicken + mushroom + Celery .. mix mix mix, baked! Gau Dim! ahhahaha



CHEESE Spooning UP =p

After DInner, I went to City Mall, Oh gosh, what is the difference between Midvalley's Cafefouru & City Mall's Giant Market? hey, I Felt like I m in KL when I was inside the supermarket, serious... hahaha =p
And, i went to this popular book store at 3rd Floor, Bought 3 cooking books!!! I LOve reading these Before I go to bed. ppl read novel, but i read recipie books, so that when I m sleeping, i will have * Sweet * Dreams *
hahahahhahahahha =p~


Creamster said...

aiya ... why u buy pork chop recipe book ahh ... u wanna cook yourself ahh ... =p

Denise said...

no, is to cook for my deArest Fren , U! hahahahahah

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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