Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sinful WeekEnd !!

Definitely my Cholesterol Level are Pumping uP!! hahahahah, I hate weekends, and Yet I love it.... HAhahhaha =p Every Friday, Saturday + Sunday, I will be like "out of Jail" kind of Feelings, start eating all the fatty and yummliciOus Food ! hahahhaha... =p but, i still enjoy ar! though i might gain 2~3 Kg back afterall!! hahahah * BleeH~ *

My FAvourite BeAufort style Fried Mee~ hahaha, to my deArest Karen & Paw paw, they will never never can get this plate of POrky Mee UNLESS their Ass are back in Kay Kay! hahahhah =p

Hah, my Butter Prawn, but, i still prefer the saucy butter Prawn, instead of the Dried one.. haha, nevertheless, I still LIke it! see... creamy!!! i been eating prawns these few days, Nah!! my pimples sure DIE de loh!

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Creamster said...

eiyerrr ... take care of your face lar. So many pimples on ur face, how to attract SD oh...

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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