Sunday, May 20, 2007


Watched 28 Weeks Later... Quite disappointed with the movie, I m not the person that always go for movie one .. i pick the movie that i m interested! I supposed it's like Residential Evil! but, it didnt even has one tenth of Residential E vil! Basically the ppl or zombie in the movie are running and running.. HAHhaha.. and Biting for Flesh! a hhaha.. BORING! i tot they would have invented remedy or solution on it.. SiGh...

After MOvie, i dropped by to PH for a Quick XX ! ahhaha.. i just coulnt hold it anymore bah.. somemore if go to Salim.. over there very dirty one.. so... when i entered the door, i saw him!!! my heart was throbbing fast! But, i pretended to be very Cool & smiled . I missed him in fact, but I have mArched forward, thANks to him, otherWise, i wont be in this new company with a Cute + unusual + a bit incredible Hulk 's MD! hahahah (Hawlo! my intention is not HIM LAH! so OLD! ahhahahaha.. )

KENNY ROGERS: 1/4 Chicken with MuShroom Sauce + 3 SIde Dish! coleslaw, CHeeSey MAcaroni and fruits.

Actually, I love their mushroom soup the most!! THumbs UP!!! really nice! so creamy, so SmOoOth.. so tasty and bites of mushroom! ahhahahha and when the soup on my table, i get too excited until forgot to take the pic of it!! DELI!! i hate myself.. hahaha otherwise i ccan upload now oredi... TAO YEN!

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