Friday, April 13, 2007

never Avoid...

i feel so " Damn iT '' sometimes!!!! it has happened to me TWICE!!! ahahahahha , i need to surrender for not acting so stupid to avoid anymore.. ahhahaha

I always wanted to Avoid my MD.. i am so scared especially when he starts to ask me to do this and that, which is Quite Difficult for me sometimes.. so there was one time.. i know he was having outside Appointment, and it's about time to come back., so i told my collQ, well, i need to run to Operation Office to hide myself first, in case he's back! so i took my key tag along with me , and when i m about to walk out from the security door, OMG!! HOLLY SHIT!!! he was only 5 steps away from the DOOR! and he says " Oh U're here! i want to see u in a minute , but are u going anywhere?" ---> DAMN IT!!!!!

and Today!!! he's rushing me for technical & financial proposal, and says want to see the work at 3pm. I watched my time, it's already 5pm! he has been busy from 2 ~ 5pm! and i can see from the Blinds from his window that he's standing up from his chair, and about to walk out again! so I Quickly ttook my key tag and rush to the toilet!!! hahaha.. so I squad in the toilet for quite a while.. i told myself.. since so long, shouldnt be any problem oredi.. so after I washed my hands, when i walked out from the washroom, ( FOR INFORMATION, the MALE & FEMALE toilet DOORs are facing each other one).. so I AM SO DAMN LUCKILY , he is also JUST WALKED OUT FROM THE TOILET... OMG OMG... and he says " oh, denise i just forwarded u an email, pls check, and see me in a minute" ... okay captain! ----> DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want to avoid him in purpose anymore!!

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Creamster said...

see ... it's a lesson for you! NOT TO avoid your MD as well as your WORK. It's ur work, at the end of the day, you still have to do it. =p

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