Monday, April 16, 2007

Food again.. hahahahaha

Sunday Morning, I got up around 8:30 Am.. suppose to do my laundry work, but, a bit heavy Cloudy & dark leh.. so i gave up! instead, i had my RaiSin Muffin --> My favourite Muffin from Multi BAke ! Aiks I should have taken that pic before ALl in my stomach! hahahah, after that Starting READING AGAIN!!!! pls dont get me wrong, i m not a bookworm ok.. just that i need to read a lot of the technical stuffs and brochures, before i can do some work on my so called technical proposal. bare in mind.. i m a bit Technical BrAinless! HAhhahaha.. Omg Omg.. i m like a uni student, reading all those management or IT Books before entering for exam!! I hate that Feelings.. i always cant concentrate after few mind goes somewhere .. too bad.

After that, LUnch time, went to this shop at Taman LandBreeze.. eat Sang Yuk Mien!! I purposely took this TOFU pic for Karen, and Sang Yuk Mien upon Paw paw requeSt` ahhaha

TOFU KUNING with HAM! hahaha

SANG Yuk MIen with Sliced Pork & Liver

I got this WIfe & Husband Soft Cake Pastry From my Aunt, she just got back from HK. when i see this package!!! I Think of LI MAN!! ee yerr... she is used to be my 'overseas' food suppliers...sigh Sigh.. I left Promenade....

I chatted with Karen Yesterday, i told her of my get Free Return Tickets to Melbourne! WOw.. I must make it comes TRUE!! V

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