Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steam Cabbage Prawn with Tung Choi (冬菜)

Tung Choi , the preserved cabbage / green mustard according to Wikipedia. Very tasty , an extra flavour to the whole bowl of soup / noodle If Tung Choi is added. I remembered whenever mum ask me to cook mustard green with egg soup
( 菜汤) , I will put a lot of " Tung Choi" , and mum will always say
" Ah Tng, are we eating 菜 or 冬菜 here?

So yeah I do not have any leftover broth at home! I need to steam these again leftover cabbage in the fridge, I need something ' flavourful' and I only can think of "tung choi", instead of salt!

some chinese cabbage (China's one sweeter")
some prawns
4 clove minced garlic
pinch of salt
2T cooking oil
1 ~ 1/2 cup water ( depends how many cabbage u have)
1 T of Tong Choi

a. Heat up the steamer.
b.Use a deep bowl , so when cooked, there's room for the soup.
c. Cut the back of prawn horizontally, then slice vertical for the top part. Stuff with minced garlic & salt. Cut the cabbage into Half from the center.
d. Arrange the cabbage at the bottom, and prawns on top. Drizzle with oil & put some water . Sprinkle some Tong Choi at the bottom and steam for 15 mins ~ 18 mins.

These cabbage very savory sweet with lots of prawn flavour! and most important...Tung Choi ! slurp! serve with bowl of white rice.

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