Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exciting Trip - Dinawan Island Resort

"Exciting" is the only word I can describe from this island trip! oh of cuz, it was full of funs too! We went there by speedboat, it was still raining, and it's about 4-ish evening , we have no choice but must get on the boat despite the rains. Depart from Sutera Jetty, takes about 20 minutes ride. However, The wind & rains plus the high speed of the boat , we were thoroughly wet ! We were like going-against the rain, fighting with the wave & wind! and we were sitting at the most-front-of the boat. I only worried with my camera + hp inside my handbag! I can still remember I get all ways to "protect" my handbag (like protecting a new-born baby) with life-jacket! protecting them from getting wet! how ironic! by the time we reached the island, as if we just came up from sea-diving! ALL soaked-wet . A good fabulous experience as a start.

We also take out our gut to try out this "Underwater Sea walking"! hey, it was good! so good until I want to learn 'diving' now!
We were afraid of fishy kissing our body, so we put on this suit. A Dive Helmet (glass helmet, about 37kg) was given also, to receive breathing air constantly while walk along the sea bed, accompanied by a guide (instrutor).
So when you're ready , almost under the water, the staffs will quickly put the helmet on top, and dive in. Underneath the water, there's walking-path and robe for you to hold, as if you're walking down the staircase.

* It was an incredible experience under the water, saying Hi to fishy just swim in front of you!*
( Just a sample pic of how we're like)
This is where we stay.

nice room, with air-cons
We also put on 'wishing-lantern' on that night!

You get to write on ur wishes on the lantern.

THESE ARE MY WISHES in 2009 ! !!!!!!

Ha, We also got to taste this little fren.

Haha, Thanks to my aunty uncle !


zurin said...

O my ! this looks like so much fun ! If my number one son knows this he will want to go with his girlfriend for have to tell him about this and let him lookk at ur post.

altadenahiker said...

wonderful pictures, text. I want to go!

ganache-ganache said...

where r the sotongs ??

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

zurin: hahaha, ya, recommended la this place. u can go ""

Alta: pls go!! U will love it !

Ganache: aiyaah....from throwing the bait to the sea oredi got problem! make me cant stop laughing... and we all cannot wait no sotongs! ;p

NEE said...

wow r those lobsters for real! like so big and got so much meat....slurp slurp..really enjoy hor you all. must take note of this for next holiday destination.

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