Thursday, October 23, 2008

Groundnuts with Toothpicks?

Wash & Soak & Clean these freshly picked groundnuts which mom bought it from Donggongong Tamu (local wet market) this morning. They are covered with lots of sandy soil, so wash & wash until all dirt are gone off from the shells.
Mum was complaining those groundnut / peanut seeds that she bought from grocery shops (for cooking soups) were not nice. She was thinking to let these raw groundnuts left dried under the sun, and make her own peanut seeds for her usual lotus soup.

A kind of weird theory to shorten the cooking period of boiling groundnuts is to put handful of Tooth picks together while u boiling them! and this trick actually helps to soften these nuts too! (note, must use rough wood type tooth picks, instead of sharp-point polished tooth picks which u always get from restaurant.)
ha! the box says it! "Perfect" Tooth picks.
When my uncle & his family (They R from Denmark) came for holidays couple of months ago, telling K we named these tooth picks as "Kayu-Balak" (local language in KK)... means "Timber-log" in English!! K just rolled his eyes and the Dad further explained " This is Mini-Timber-Log" ! :P

Old-Fashioned "Timber-log" (A.K.A Tooth Picks)

So after the groundnuts are properly cleaned, Use a big pot, cover these nuts with water until just covered them. Put 2 teaspoons of salts for flavour.
These batch are cooked at 45 minutes. mum said they R young groundnuts, so take lesser time to cook. Usual ones are about 1 hour cooking time (Plus the help from ToothPicks)


hongyi said...

hey denise! :) how are you? wanted to ask you whether you still want the painting of the peony? pls let me know more abt how you'd like the painting to be, and why you'd like it (so that i can figure out more abt ur personality and how to reflect that in the painting!)...

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

hey ah yi, I'm touched!! yes! A piece of peony is not easy to get u know, but u sure u have 'time' to draw? ( otherwise I m afraid Terri will start squeezing my neck!) haha
I want..err, when u look at it, it says the 2 flowers R meant to be together! :P~ ( I want full-blossom-red-peony)
most impt, pls write ur name at the corner of the paint! we never know, one day you R as hot as Mich Yeoh! :P~

my personality? (Happy + Cheeky)

zurin said...

Hmmm groundnuts with toothpicks....I suppose it makes the groundnut cook faster...I wonder why.....must try that...when I boil grndnuts it takes like 1 million years b4 we can eat it! LOL ....I must google and find out why the tooothpicks make thenut cook great need to satisfy my curiosity..unless u can tell me.

DocChuck said...

We love boiled peanuts, especially South Carolina "Cajun" style, but I never heard of the toothpick theory.

I will try anything once.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

zurin: hey! I cannot and dunno how to explain the root of this theory! HAhahaha, but er, mum says it works, dunno is her own believe or what!
same like when we boil red / green beans, we put a ceramic spoon, so it 'open' faster! dunno, lousy theory! hahaha. BUT tell me if u found the theory

DocChuck: The Cajun style sounds Delicious! Tks for dropping by Professor.

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