Friday, August 1, 2008

Last one .....

This lil monkey came into K's surprise ! she says this is God's chance !

K says : I never walked in a Rainforest in life !
me : I never walked in a Rainforest with High Heels in life !!!

I was wearing short skirt + heels , trecking into this sepilok. Insects, Sucking-blood leech were only came into my mind after the walk. IF I have known there're LEECH around!!!! I would probably sit at the pondok while waiting for them. I quite like this jungle trip. with my 2 hands (trying hard) to balance my body on a plank that put on the muddy ground for ppl to walk.

my conclusion was.. 'vincci' shoes quite tahan boh! AHAHHAHAHA ;D

I was bz 'peeking' this guy! he has a fantastic lens that really caught into the crowd attention! really Huge .

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