Monday, August 25, 2008

Fish Head Noodle Soup

Here kk, I love the hawker stall (Ah Kong's Fishhead noodle, by Kadazan owner) at the Beverly Hill, Penampang Food court. The only thing that put me off is to wait for half an hour plus for a bowl of hot tasty fish head noodle soup! plus tt area is quite sweaty hot.

Also, all the while I thought FishHead Noodle soup is hard to make, but after seen Nee's & Terri's decided to give a try!
I amended the recipe a bit, and..
[A: Fish]
Mang Chao Fish (Can anyone tell me what's tat in English?) Found! it's SEA BASS
Salt & 1/4 cup cooking wine

[B: Soup]
Chicken bones
Fish Bones
2 small bunch pickled mustard
2 white tofu
3-4 tomatoes
1 small ginger (Depends, today I got mine those china ginger, very mild flavour, so I put 2)
1.5 ~ 2 lit water
2 T cooking wine
salt & pepper to taste.

a. clean the fish. Cut into slices. Marinate with salt & cooking wine, put a side. Soak the pickled mustard with lots of water, otherwise, it will be too salty in the soup. Clean the tofu, cut into cubes, Wash tomatoes, cut into cubes. Skin the ginger, Deflat with ur cleaver.

b. Bring the water into boil, put in chicken bones. Simmer for 30 minutes.

c. For me, I deep fried the Fish Head, Fish Stomach 1st until golden brown. I didnt cover with corn flour. mum says no need.

d. After 30 minutes, Take out the chicken bones. If u see water been reduced by half, add in 2 more cups. Now drop the pickled mustard, tomatoes, Fried fish head/stomach /bones & ginger to boil. boil for 20 minutes. After the 15 minutes, take out the fish head/stomach/bones... then drop the tofu.

e. Blanch the meehoon with lots of Hot water until soft, keep a side. For me, I blanch with little salt water. Bcuz, I cook my soup to just about the right taste. If to add in blanch meehoon which contains water, it will render my soup bit tasteless. so to prevent that, I always blanch with slight salt water.

f. At this time, deep fried the fish meat. ( so when the soup is ready, the fried fish cubes are also just about the time . Like this, the Fish will maintain its juicy-ness & hot if u serve it immediately with the soup)

Next time , I will try with evaporate milk, llike those served in the stalls. Today I din't, my house don't have evaporate milk in stock!! 'Roar'

Thanks to my little Aunty's ikan!!!! Next time I cook for u, when Kylie is here. (",)


ganache-ganache said...

Isn't 'mang chao' in the 'hong chao' family & I suppose they are snappers, correct me if I'm wrong !!
I always deep fry fish belly part in batches & freeze them. My mum taught me a way - saok the fish pcs in salt water for abt 1hr, drain & wipe thoroughly dry, they'll be so crispy after deep frying !

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

hahah, ok thanks
really ? ok next time I try that method! see how crispy after taht! AHhahaha

Ning said...

I love Fish Head soups! Thank you for sharing the recipes and the cooking tips!

CrazieSexaCool said...

ur blog is making me fat.. urghh.. as if i'm not fat already.. hahahaha..

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Ning : ;D may be u cook, tell me what else should be added ;)

Crazie: HEY!!!!! BEN IS A LOT MACHO then before! :D~~~!!!!!
ok, oh well, fat is just another english word, who cares ;p

*Kylie* said...


CrazieSexaCool said...

oyaaaaaaaa!! I heard.. he came to the office 2dy right?? I need details!!! Hahahahaha..

NEE said...

Bravo you tried! and it looks so good that i feel like going to kk and ask you to cook me a bowl. i almost drool when i see those pieces of fish. it is nice to let other ppl cook for me once in a while.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yummy! i don't know local fish in english too. thought mang chao is barramundi..

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

crazie: ;D his shirt always explode! AHHAHAHA

nee : I try to hint greg to cook for u! ahha, paiseh lah cook for sifu worr

Terri: :D Tks. err, i dunno, later I wikipedia & check if its Bara or Snap

ganache-ganache said...

oh, barramundi is fresh water fish, also called seabass or siakap

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