Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shallot Pork Sauce

Most Chinese likes to use shallot as part of their cooking. I like my mum's shallot fried mee hoon (rice-noodle) ! simple & nice with some Shredded omelette. I also like Deep fried Minced Garlic & Shallot with Dark Soya & Oil , excellent Dip for Steamed Chicken !
some people like their kitchen filled with Buttery baking smell ! I like the fragrant smell of shallot being frying in the woK ! The onion-smell is so good ! A whiff of shallot scent just make me smiles ! Argh! Bare in mind! Burnt smell is horrible ! so Watch ur fire while u frying the shallot !

I have the recipe from

I don't really like to slice shallot ! my tears always out !

Deep fried shallot until golden brown & crisp!

The shallot pork sauce.

A bowl of white rice with Pork sauce ! yummy!

A dried Flat rice noodle ! (made in China) , which I bought it from a local market.

Look at their english !my godness !Two mistake found !
1. SOUP not Soap ! ( crazy! )
2. CONDIMENTS , not condinents! ( This I can accept, may be it could be typo error)

ANyways, I eat my Ho-Fen with shallot Pork Sauce !

Good If u can eat with HK eggnoodle !

For recipes & Steps, pls click on Chow's page.
I add-in some chopped " Tong-Choi " to enhance the flavour, but U dont have to.


Ellieut said...

I LOVE shallots, I grow them in my garden by the basketfuls. The smell of them cooking reminds me of my dad cooking when I was a little girl. MMMMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

ellieut : ur dad must be a good chef!


ekeng said...

i love minced pork..i can eat up to 3 bowls of white rice with minced pork...Kuat makan hor?? hehe :)

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