Friday, February 15, 2008

Self-comfort Food

Everyone stores their guilty pleasure comfort food at home, at least 1 item, in fact more itemss for "just in case" to kill the craving moment !
ARgH! for me, Mixed Cocktail Fruit & cream are the one ! This is my dad's recipe ! yeah! since young, Dad teaches me all the good desserts ! He even taught me how to fry a goOd burger! whereas my mum would say " These food are x for mankind" ( mm hai yen sik geh!)

my dad even taught us how to cook a good Maggie, where when u eat, eat with the cooking pot ! *lolz* using another clean bowl to serve the food is just a waste of both energy & water ! *lolz*

Argh~ I love my dad, he gives (still giving) me a lot of things ! eventhough I seldom talk to him, I mean we alwys together, but less conversation in between us. * may be father-daughter has a gap ! I dunno, I'm bit of conservative ! normally I wud talk to my mum more ! we gossips a lot a lot ! we even enjoy bad-mouth about ppl ! haha , I called my mum "almost" everyday when I was overseas.

Dad & I are "finicky-eaters" . We eat most of the food, but we are FUSSY about what we put into our mouth ! We must make sure it's up-to-Wong's family-standard ! haha! that's my mum always cracking her head hard of what to cook !

Just like last nite, dad walked to the kitchen, to check what's soup for today!
" HA , THIS again? " and he turned away & closed the Lip !

*laughs* I'm happy he says that! bcuz my mum always repeating her soups lately ! all bcuz of FEEDING THIS WEE MONSTER SENG SENG BOY ! this idiot BOY! only loves Lotus Seed Soup & ABC SouP! which, we are really sick of both !

Just buy a tin of Good Quality Cocktail fruits & tin of cream (stored in fridge for 3 hours, until the cream harden)

Mix well, (dont put too much of syrup) & eat ! *Chill*

I like mixed fruit with cream, instead of Ice-cream. Ice-cream is too sweet for me to eat with the fruits ! Cream is just tasteless yet Milky creamy

" my mouth is laced with cream " after cup of Dad's dessert !

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ekeng said...

So easy to make one wor..Make sure u make one for me when i go back to KK :)

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