Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yuen, Subang

Piak: wei, want to meet up for dinner tonite or not?
me: Good idea!! but where?
Chris: Yuen's la
Piak: HA????? 抢吃的喔 ~!!!!
Step: ha??? Have to fight for food one wor...
* Blur blur *
me: ha?? so serious meh? nvm la, just go, since no other places

When I step in this Restaurant...OMG OMG OMG OMG... I feel like go OUT of the shop immediately! HAhahahhahaha.....seriously Pack with Ppl ! somemore it's rainy day! Still full!!
and Look at the ppl there, ( the bottom pic still not scary yet..bcuz when I took my camera out, some ppl already got their chicken wing & left)...

yeah... ppl there only "FIGHT" for theHoney Chicken Wing!!!
serious! When the chef carry the wings out, everyone was waiting there like hungry ghost! and ZOOM! 30 seconds! ALl wings are gone!

At first my sis was able to "clip" one chicken wing with her Tong... but the lady next to her actually grap her chicken wing off from my sis Tong! HEY !!! THis is very rude!! But ppl there just behave like that, like.. never eaten wings before.

Daniel managed to "fight" for 3 wings! Hahahahhaha... After he took, he said
其实我不是很爱吃鸡翼 !

ANyways the Chicken wings are really really yummylicious!! no wonder ppl fight for tat


ekeng said...

Aiks...I'm not dare to go there la...It's Terrible, Horrible and Vegetable..haha ;p

Denise said...

ekeng: Haha! Ya kinda agreed with u, the food there not so nice, the whole night I m like eating all sorts of fishballs/cakes/rolls

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