Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Madam Kwan's , Bangsar

my 1st time to visit this restaurant, eventhough I been seeing it many times ever since my college time.

Beef Rendang. herm not bad! quite nice ! !

Nasi Lemak with Chicken : GOod! very fragrant & Yummy !!

HK Kailan: Ha..... Crisp & GOod !

Nah Thanks to JAcky Tai Lou & 8 po li jun~ hahahahhah ;p
* Secretly Thanks to your 7-series BMW ride *
Me & sis enjoy it!! *Lolz*


Tony Hii said...

Denise, you must be having a great time going back to the old places.

ekeng said...

Madam Kwan voted for the most EXPENSIVE nasi lemak in KL.haha :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

I LOVE her nasi lemak!y can't we have a mdm kwan here? sabahans are used to being ripped off so RM18 nasi lemak is no big deal.

Kismet said...

the last time i went there i wanna try the nasi kerabu, but it was out from the menu. i heard her nasi kerabu is the best in town.

Denise said...

Tony: Haha !YUP! I'm BACK

ekeng: hey that's worth it =p

Terri: haha ! ya lo!! really really nice ! wah... u still can remember was 18 ar=p

kismet: wey! my other fren said Nasi Bologi ( sounds like that) with big drumbstick tat one was their signature dish whicH I Sud try also wor...

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