Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, City Mall

ok, I Feel that, If My BLOG is not filled with BIG APPLE DONUTS & COFFEE, you're not deemed to be a KK-ian Food Blogger ! *lolz*

Who hate to queue - have truly fallen into the (doughnut) hole . ( Flavours, Jan-Feb 08)

okay, I can't help myself, but to Q-up with Monster Creamy last nite !

Watching the staffs working behind the glass panels ... I wonder, AM I eating Colouring here ? Ppl been telling me oh this nice that nice, but I still dare not to pick the Greeny thing yet !

This morning I had 3 flavours for my Breakfast. ( But basically I eat 1 whole donut only) I tell u why now.

Duren-Duren , Spikey Donut ! filled with Durian-flavoured Cream.

I'm almost CRIED-OUT when I eat this.


1. The so-called Durian-Flavoured cream turned SOUR !!! !! means BAD oredi!!!

I keep assure myself by giving 3 bites, and, keep telling myself, no la it's nice, it's nice

I gave up ! It just NOT NICE already... ; ( bcuz of the Sourish cream.........I throw 3/4 of it! Mum looking at me, and give me a Knowing-answer look.

Verdict : NEVER put ur donuts stay-over-nite.

The whole night I cant sleep well, due to my stomach is making noise, I'm hungry, yet I cant eat in the middle of the nite, and my mind keep thinking of tomolo the 1st Donut I must BITE is Duren-Duren. THat's why I cant sleep well last nite & I'm a bit Tired here.

2. The Cocoa-Krisp , Another FAILED



Verdict : NEVER put ur donuts stay-over-nite.

The Cocoa-Krisp is not Crisp anymore. It turned Soggy over-the-nite

But I know it would be GOOD if I can eat it last nite, cuz I

3. I bring Spicy Chicken Floss Donut to work, I 'm not sure whether it will at least, enlighten me a bit...(fingers Crossed)

4. I eat the One with Hearts-TOpping. Well.... It tasted Okay, But may be I wont buy the 2nd time of this flavour la.

Okay, to be FAIR to Mike Chan (Owner of this Franchise) , I decide to give a 2nd Try, by eat it on the SPOT ! =p

SEE! Now my stomach not feeling well alreadly, I KNEW it ! after I eat donuts, I will be like that ! I cant' eat much of yeast-based thingy !!! eeee !!! Everytime also like that ! hate it.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear. so sorry to hear tt. i'm surprised the donuts don't keep well in the fridge.


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